Stephen Lynch – Live at The El Rey DVD – Released 9/28/2004

This DVD captures the unique singer-comedian in his natural environment: on stage. Included is a happily twisted routine of perversely hilarious songs. This DVD features prevously unreleased songs.

Combining his love of comedy and music has payed rich dividends for performer Stephen Lynch. Taking to stages across the country, Lynch arms himself with an acoustic guitar and works his way through a mirth-riddled set of comedic songs. His career trajectory sky-rocketed after appearances on various TV shows, and Lynch soon found his CDs in hot demand. But it’s in the live arena that he truly excels, as illustrated by this release. Comfortably ensconced before a sizeable audience, Lynch lets rip on a number of subjects, with a variable musical backing that neatly hops between genres throughout. Among the tracks on offer are “Baby,” “Drink You Pretty,” “She Gotta Smile,” “Craig,” and many others.